Friday, May 15, 2009

Bagel Day - May 15

Bagel Day-

Bagels- The actual bagels were above average. The inside was soft.. there was a decent hole. The outside was not as hard as they should be. I sampled a rye bagel.

Cream Cheese- At least 4 varieties, including the traditional and vegetable and some type that had raisins in it.

Other -
Lox - Real lox. and lots of it. Wasn't the best lox but who cares cause it was smoked salmon. yummy
Onion- thinly sliced onion... always a bonus
tomato- one sliced tomato
Whitefish salad - yes whitefish salad.. It was actually a little drier than i would normally like but not bad.

And more-
Cinnamon buns and some other cake like item

Overall - A .. the lox, whitefish salad and other items more than make up for above average bagels.