Monday, August 23, 2004

Bright Lights Big City

I just read Bright Lights Big City. It was good. very good.

New York Renaissance Faire - NYC Metropolitan Area

Today I went to the New York Renaissance Faire. We were stuck in traffic for a good half hour, had to park a mile away, and all I got to do was eat a turkey leg.

I can't believe:
1. They charge almost $20 for this.
2. The large crowd.
3. That there is no real difference between this and a street fair in new York except that in an NYC street fair, you can buy irregular socks.
4. There is a fine line between Goth and period outfits.
5. Lots of people were dressed in period outfits. Yes, a lot were employees but the scary part is that many of the people who went dressed up. The other scary part - none of those people were good looking.
6. Outfits from the renaissance show a lot of cleavage.
7. I got freaking carded for a beer. I haven't been carded in a long time, with the exception of the super-pretentious clubs downtown where they card everyone. I imagine that it was because I had a hat on, so they couldn't see my receding hairline. And the lady asked me, "have I been asked?". What if I had said yes. Then again, she did stamp me. For a beer. Ridiculous.

I also took the NJT/Metro North train back to the city. The seacaucus transfer station is nice, but you have to walk a few hundred yards too far to transfer. Totally inconvenient

Monday, August 16, 2004

On The Search for the perfect free netradio

I decided that I need some good tunes at work in order to concentrate. I am kind of sick of what is on my ipod these days as most of my music on there was music I listened to in high school or is one of my roommate's crappy techno CDs.

So I am now on a search for some good net radio stations. I have gone through and set up a station but I ranked a bunch of songs a few years ago and I don't like that music anymore but it keeps on playing it.

I have used spinner before but that was having some firewall or other problems at the office.

I have also gone through a bunch of shoutcast stations and sometimes listen to radiostorm or kcrw music or the like. Basically, I want music that has modern rock, classic rock, some pop, and also some of that artsy stuff you hear on WXPN.

Please comment with your suggestions.

Also as a small protest when our company moves offices and our cubes get cut into basically 3, I plan on using my workspace for some big speakers and a big subwoofer. Any suggestions?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

when is it too late to call someone?

if someone says you call them late, what time is too late?

are there different times for land lines and cell phones?

I think 1:20 am would be too late. But not too late to text message. Yet
what if they are out of cell range so texting is not an option?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Ever have one of those days

You get up early and have a million things to do. But you end up reading the newspaper for an hour. It takes you a while to eat your breakfast. Then you end up sitting on the couch captivated by obscure Olympic sports such as: women's soccer, crew, volleyball.

Of course it feels like it is going to rain so you don't do any of those errands you wanted to do. And now it is almost 5pm and it is a lost day.

Cause really, nothing is as fun as studying for a test 3 months away at 5pm on Saturday night.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Undefeated Softball Team (Regular Season)

Softball Update-

Our co-ed team is now 12-0 and undefeated for the regular season!!!!!

Playoffs start next week.

Our game was up at Dyckman Park and afterward we went to Tubby Hook Cafe and Bar. It was a great find.

Cool view of the GW bridge, right on the Hudson river.

Sunday, August 01, 2004


of course right now it is perfectly sunny outside. I should be out playing
golf. is so so wrong. I guess this underscores the need for a
car; I would not have had to decide by 10 if we could play at 1pm.

Rain rain go away

Rain Rain-

I wake up this morning to rain. Actually, when I woke up it wasn't quite raining but after a few minutes, it had started to rain. Normally, rain doesn't bother me that much. Except today I had plans; I was going to take the train out to Long Island to play some golf. So that had to be cancelled, cause I am sure as heck not taking a $15 cab ride, a $6 train ride, and 80 minutes of transportation to see if the weather clears up.

The other thing about rain, is that today is Sunday. Today is the day when I maybe go a little shopping and then I sit on my ass for the rest of the afternoon. But the rain makes it damn near impossible to go shopping in the city. It also takes away the alternative of going to the park and reading a book. I probably will sit at home all day and study. Of course I studied a lot yesterday when the weather was just muggy so my weekend will be full of study.

Last week, on Tuesday, we also had a softball game scheduled in central park. Of course, if the game is not cancelled by 4 pm, then you have to show up at the field. I think I spent more time that day on than working. So 4 pm hits, I get an email that the field is playable and the game is on. At 5 pm, we are waiting to walk over and it's freaking pouring. We still have to go to field and of course the game is cancelled. I think I caught a cold that day walking through the rain and I can't shake it.

Till Next Time -