Monday, August 23, 2004

New York Renaissance Faire - NYC Metropolitan Area

Today I went to the New York Renaissance Faire. We were stuck in traffic for a good half hour, had to park a mile away, and all I got to do was eat a turkey leg.

I can't believe:
1. They charge almost $20 for this.
2. The large crowd.
3. That there is no real difference between this and a street fair in new York except that in an NYC street fair, you can buy irregular socks.
4. There is a fine line between Goth and period outfits.
5. Lots of people were dressed in period outfits. Yes, a lot were employees but the scary part is that many of the people who went dressed up. The other scary part - none of those people were good looking.
6. Outfits from the renaissance show a lot of cleavage.
7. I got freaking carded for a beer. I haven't been carded in a long time, with the exception of the super-pretentious clubs downtown where they card everyone. I imagine that it was because I had a hat on, so they couldn't see my receding hairline. And the lady asked me, "have I been asked?". What if I had said yes. Then again, she did stamp me. For a beer. Ridiculous.

I also took the NJT/Metro North train back to the city. The seacaucus transfer station is nice, but you have to walk a few hundred yards too far to transfer. Totally inconvenient

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Anonymous said...

Didn't know trout had hair. Does Ike perhaps have a toupee? If not, does he want one?