Sunday, August 01, 2004

Rain rain go away

Rain Rain-

I wake up this morning to rain. Actually, when I woke up it wasn't quite raining but after a few minutes, it had started to rain. Normally, rain doesn't bother me that much. Except today I had plans; I was going to take the train out to Long Island to play some golf. So that had to be cancelled, cause I am sure as heck not taking a $15 cab ride, a $6 train ride, and 80 minutes of transportation to see if the weather clears up.

The other thing about rain, is that today is Sunday. Today is the day when I maybe go a little shopping and then I sit on my ass for the rest of the afternoon. But the rain makes it damn near impossible to go shopping in the city. It also takes away the alternative of going to the park and reading a book. I probably will sit at home all day and study. Of course I studied a lot yesterday when the weather was just muggy so my weekend will be full of study.

Last week, on Tuesday, we also had a softball game scheduled in central park. Of course, if the game is not cancelled by 4 pm, then you have to show up at the field. I think I spent more time that day on than working. So 4 pm hits, I get an email that the field is playable and the game is on. At 5 pm, we are waiting to walk over and it's freaking pouring. We still have to go to field and of course the game is cancelled. I think I caught a cold that day walking through the rain and I can't shake it.

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