Monday, August 16, 2004

On The Search for the perfect free netradio

I decided that I need some good tunes at work in order to concentrate. I am kind of sick of what is on my ipod these days as most of my music on there was music I listened to in high school or is one of my roommate's crappy techno CDs.

So I am now on a search for some good net radio stations. I have gone through and set up a station but I ranked a bunch of songs a few years ago and I don't like that music anymore but it keeps on playing it.

I have used spinner before but that was having some firewall or other problems at the office.

I have also gone through a bunch of shoutcast stations and sometimes listen to radiostorm or kcrw music or the like. Basically, I want music that has modern rock, classic rock, some pop, and also some of that artsy stuff you hear on WXPN.

Please comment with your suggestions.

Also as a small protest when our company moves offices and our cubes get cut into basically 3, I plan on using my workspace for some big speakers and a big subwoofer. Any suggestions?

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