Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Sunday in NYC. What to do. It's real nice outside so I should probably go and sit in the park. However, my leg still hurts a little bit from my activities on Saturday.

Yesterday, I managed to get into a fight with an escalator. Well, it was not so much of a fight as the escalator kicking my butt. See, I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and carrying new towels in a basket. I had the basket in one hand and a new light fixture (an incandescent torchiere, not a halogen*) in the other hand. So I am wearing my flip flops and I manage to slip as I step onto the escalator. So I have one leg on the escalator and the other leg up still on normal ground. The escalator is moving, as that is what it does, and I am off balance. I slip a little and get a few small cuts on me leg. Totally embarrassing. The escalator won; I lost - totally my stupid fault.

* Halogen lamps - those things are evil. They fall into the same category as Ikea furniture: great for the dorm, unacceptable in real life.

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