Monday, September 06, 2004

Weekly Update

Ok- Sorry for the lack of postings this week -

My thoughts on the past week in NYC -
1. The convention was a pain, but not as much a pain as the hype would have had you believe. Getting to work was really no big hassle. Just extra police officers around and a little tighter security. However, the fact it was the last week of August - traditionally when people go on vacation and that many worked from home - it was not bad at all.

2. I went to the US Open this week (as the posts below indicate). From my seats, the tennis players looked like ants. Ants with very big serves and good backhands. I had a much more enjoyable time at the outer courts watching people I had never heard of. You get real close there and really appreciate the power, speed, and ability of those players. I also like free tickets and beautiful weather.

3. Work is blah. Raises and bonuses were lukewarm. What to do? At least I have a job, unlike my unemployed roommate. Then again, he isn't really trying that hard to find a real job. (Don't tell the unemployment office though, they keep mailing him checks). Then again, I am thankful he pays the rent and is much neater than me.

4. Roommate got a call back from an agent about his book. I am pleased for him.

5. I saw Napoleon dynamite this week. It was a real good and weird movie. I am not sure I get it, except that it was really really funny. Hilarious, really.

6. Watched the second season of The Office. I really like that show. But sometimes it can painful to watch. so awkward - yet so beautiful.

7. Studying really sucks especially when the weather is nice.

8. Ike is happy to visit Fish in Philly this weekend.

9. Starsky and Hutch - watched it on DVD. My advice, don't. Pretty darn horrible.

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