Monday, October 18, 2004

Quick update

1. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have a multitude of excuses but am too lazy to share them.

2. My roommate is unemployed and trying to be a writer. So he meets a poor grad student and a bar and goes on a date with her. I have a philosophy that poor grad students and unemployed "writers" (If a person writes a book and no one will publish it, does the tree really fall?) should not date. Why, you ask? Well it's simple, really. The combined wealth of those two individuals is very low. Based on the fact that they are probably getting some type of transfer payments from the government, ie - unemployment, subsidized health care, student loans, et. all - they should not date . While I am not opposed to social welfare programs, and I certainly think my tax dollars should go support those who need it, I do not think that the intellectually strong (smart people) should be getting my tax dollar support. If they keep dating, and end up together, they are likely to be poor and dependent on my tax support forever. They are each intelligent enough (although I haven't talked to this girl, I have blind faith that as a PhD student, she must be somewhat smart) to find someone who can support them in their ways of being a drain on society. Why can't they each date employed people who will support them. Why should I?

3. A special shout out to Fish for spending part of the weekend in good ole NYC.

4. Exams suck. What is the point of memorizing 350+ flash cards of list to spit them out later on an exam. I invoke the Chewbaca argument - "It does not make sense"

5. Why did more people not go see Team America: World Police. That was really funny and amusing.

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Anonymous said...

Ahem. It's not every poor grad student who has the good fortune to meet an actuary.

Fish says thank you, thank you very much. He had a lovely time, and is looking forward to future visits to NY. Perhaps, this weekend?