Monday, February 21, 2005

SpongeBob Squarepants tissues

Yesterday, my roommate bought a box of tissues. Not just any tissues but a box of tissues that had spongebob squarepants on them. When he got home, he opened up the box of tissues and was surprised to find that the tissues inside were just plain tissues. He said that he was expected designs on them or prints with spongebob. I think that is just moronic. Just because something is on the cover or container does not mean that the inside product is different.

If this were the case, then each box of wheaties would have to have a little people inside. Can you imagine? You get a box that has keri strug on them and inside there would be lots of mini kerri strug's printed on the flakes. Little kerri strug - look, they all have broken ankles, or is it legs.

This brings up the question - do people really buy products because of an endorsement on the box? In the case of my roommate, the answer is yes.

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