Monday, January 09, 2006

Tube strike 'has little impact'

Perhaps I don't get it. There is a strike, but they can still staff most of the stations.

Either - not everyone is striking (which kinda ruins the point of a strike) or they have a rediculous amount of people who can do the staffers jobs.

Me confused.
BBC NEWS | England | London | Tube strike 'has little impact': "Tube strike 'has little impact'
Tube train
The last strike led to dozens of stations closing
About 20 Tube stations were closed and all lines were open on Monday morning, as a 24-hour strike by London Underground (LU) staff continued.

Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union members who work at ticket offices and stations walked out at 1830 GMT on Sunday in a row over new rotas.

LU said a good service was running on most lines and refuted RMT claims that they were running an 'unsafe network'.

Separate unofficial action has caused delays on the Northern Line, LU said.

Some drivers at the depot in Morden failed to turn up for work in support of a sacked colleague.

At the height of the morning peak less than 10% of stations were closed due to industrial action
London Underground

The exact number of LU's 275 stations open changes as staff arrive at work.

An LU spokesman said: 'This morning, the RMT strike has had a little impact on London Underground services.

'At the height of the morning peak less than 10% of stations were closed due to industrial action.'

'Clear agreement'

An RMT spokesman said LU was now running an 'unsafe network', and said staff were working in positions they were not fully trained for,

LU said thes"

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Anonymous said...

Sounds seriously one-cheeked. Now, New York is a city that knows how to have a transit strike. Mr. Fish couldn't get ANYWHERE the whole time. Too bad he doesn't have a car like Mr. Mini.