Friday, December 08, 2006

You, Too, Can Vote For Rory - Deadspin

You, Too, Can Vote For Rory - Deadspin: "You, Too, Can Vote For Rory

voteforrory.jpgAs is made plain and obvious around here every day, we don't have the most fundamental understanding of hockey. We love hockey, particularly in person, but with everything that has went on the last few years, it's difficult to keep up. We know, we apologize and we're trying.

So when we find a hockey cause that makes us want to jump and dance around a bit, we embrace it with open pads and kiss it with our six teeth. Therefore, we proudly introduce you to Rory Fitzpatrick, the current cause celebre of the online hockey set. Fitzpatrick, a little-used player for Vancouver, is, according to HFBoards (one of the top hockey message boards around and the ones who started this whole mess), 'Fitzpatrick is pretty much the antithesis of a typical all-star. A Rochester, NY native, Fitzpatrick has spent the last decade bouncing back and forth from the minors to the NHL. Up to this season, he had played 210 games in the NHL in the last decade (approximately 24 each season). He's really just a hard working guy that gets by more on desire than pure skill. The kind of guy that doesn't get noticed when he's doing his job right. The kind of guy a team needs to win, rather than relying on superstars who are more concerned with the paycheck. Rory is a fan's man.'


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