Friday, June 19, 2009

The neighborhood ... ughh

Gawker - Jon Gosselin Shopping For an Apartment In Trump Towers - jon gosselin: "Today we received a tip that Jon Gosselin was roaming our city. Then we learned of a 'major' Jon and Kate announcement being made on Monday. Now we've received a tip that he's shopping for an apartment in Trump Towers.

A reader writes:

I was at my friends apt at trump towers on 66th and riverside blvd..... we were in her apt... then left to go to dinner... in the hallway was the realtor of the building and she was with JON from jon and kate plus 8. It was CLEARLY him. He had bloodshot eyes. We all rode the elevator together. He was looking at an apt on the 8th floor.

Bloodshot eyes? Ha! One of the tips earlier today said that Jon was smoking a cigarette and had a big diamond stud in his ear. Jon Gosselin is a caged tiger just waiting to be unleashed! If he and Kate are divorcing and Jon moves to the Upper West Side, we just can't wait for all the sighting tips to start rolling in of Jon Gosselin, New York City's newest Lothario, picking up young girls in bars on Amsterdam Avenue (May we suggest 'White Trash Wednesdays' at Brother Jimmy's Jon? Always a good time!)

Ladies of New York—Are you ready to be taken by Jon Gosselin?"

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