Wednesday, June 02, 2004

How to meet people in NYC

NYC is a big place and there are a lot of people here. But it seems that I have lived here for four years now and have not met that many new people. I am not really sure what the answer is. I do however have a lot of excuses:
1. I work a lot. 2. I take actuarial exams. Now some people might assume that as an actuary, one lacks personality, but I disagree. I think its the fact that I basically shut myself down twice a year to study for these exams. The sad part is that my passing rate is not very good. Four years, three exams. Not so great.
3. It's just hard to meet people out there.
4. None of the young people I started work with a few years ago live in the city. They live in the suburbs and commute in. That is something I just don't get

So I have come to the conclusion that you really need to meet people through other people. Some people can go out and meet people no problem but I guess I am not like that. I meet some friends of friends hang out a few times, and lose contact.

Basically, NYC is a big lonely place sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

There is someone here who loves you, lots and lots.