Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cuddly Chimps - I Want One Of Those

Now all we need are some midgets and we have a great comedy.

Cuddly Chimps - I Want One Of Those: "When you think of cuddly toys, you normally think of teddies, but we're not that normal, and so when we saw these adorable chimps it was love at first sight. Of course the first thing you have to do with a cuddly toy is put it through intensive and vigorous hug testing. The test results in the IWOOT office (even among those who'd like to think they're too hard for this sort of thing) went so far off the scale of huggability that we had to triple our order. The Chimp family (available individually or as a troupe) come in three sizes of Dad, Mum and Baby, and are the softest, squidgiest and most enchanting primates on the planet. They're real heart-melters."

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Anonymous said...

we want a set... 7 big ones, 5 mediums, and 23 babies... you can never have too many monkeys....