Sunday, November 11, 2007

The difference between sweet potatoes and yams - Slashfood

The difference between sweet potatoes and yams - Slashfood: "The difference between sweet potatoes and yams Posted Nov 9th 2007 3:46PM by Bob Sassone Filed under: Vegetables, Recipes, On the Blogs, Did you know?, Holidays sweet potatoAnyone who has eaten either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with me knows that I hate sweet potatoes and love yams. I always thought this was weird because I assumed they were sort of the same thing. Now I know that's not really the case. And I've found one frozen turkey dinner from Boston Market (in stores, not sure about the restaurants) that includes a sweet potato casserole with a pecan topping that I've fallen in love with. These folks are trying to make November Sweet Potato Awareness Month. The site not only gives a detailed explanation of what yams are and what sweet potatoes are, they also give some great recipes, including Sweet Potato Cornbread Stuffing and Sweet Potato Apple Casserole."